What should we call it?

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the AndCo forum, a message-board for AndCo members to share ideas with each other, ask questions to your network, and generally discuss all things remote-working. The AndCo team have been brainstorming, and we currently like two names for the forum...

  • 1. AndCo Community  
  • 2. AndCo Threads 

We'd love to know which you prefer?! (Or... if you like something else altogether!) 

Drop a comment below.  



    I like AndCo Threads! 
      Thanks Leela!
      I like AndCo Threads, but some more ideas below in case they spark any genius ideas!
    • AndCommunity
    • AndCo Member Zone
    • AndCo Assembly
    • AndCo Watercooler
      • +1
        Thanks Gemma. AndCommunity is very clever!!!! 

        AndCo Threads gets my vote 😀

          Thanks Ewan!
          AndCo Threads definitely - short and simple.