Become an AndCo venue for free to boost your revenue and footfall

Does your venue have downtime or spare capacity during the week? Become a hot-desking venue on AndCo and allow our members to book tables while you benefit from up-sale opportunities.

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How AndCo Hotdesk work

How does it work?

It’s really simple. You join the platform, we take some beautiful photos of your space, install the AndCo Wifi box and you’re good to go. Our members book tables through our platform, they turn up, you sell them food and drink. Win win.

You have complete control of how your space is used. Set your opening times and number of tables available through your venue dashboard. Turn tables on and off as required.

What AndCo offers

Increase revenue

We drive footfall to your venue, you do what you do best – sell our members food and drink. The average spend is between £8 - £12.

Meeting room bookings

If your venue has a meeting room we can list it on the platform. Our members can enquire to book it through the site, bringing in additional revenue for your venue.

Footfall data through the AndCo Wifi

We collect footfall data in and outside of your venue using the AndCo Wifi boxes. We give this to you for free to help you maximise and optimise your space.

Workshops and meet-ups

Every week we host workshops and meet-ups in AndCo venues. It helps us introduce new members to your venue, another bit of free marketing for you.

An easy to use venue dashboard

Our venues have complete control of what is listed on the platform. The venue dashboard is where you control opening hours and the number of tables you list on the platform. Got an event or need to close? Turn them off whenever you like.

Marketing support

We shout about our venues as much as possible through paid advertising, our email newsletter, social media and PR. You will benefit from a significant amount of marketing exposure when you join the platform – completely for free.

How AndCo provides wifi

Talk me through the wifi installation

Installation is simple and quick. All we do is plug in a wifi box (like the one in the photo) to a spare port in your venue. It doesn’t interfere with your existing wifi in any way, looks discreet and doesn't cost you a thing. We do this to guarantee a consistent login experience for our members across all of our venues.

It’s also how we know if members haven’t turned up to their bookings. If this happens we make their table available to other members to reduce empty tables and ensures a high turnover of footfall.

Need more information? Email [email protected]

Who uses AndCo?

Any professional can use AndCo to work remotely, host meetings and meet other members.

Our members are affluent urban workers willing to spend on quality food, drink and in-venue experience, as well as to discover and spread the word about great new venues in their city.

How AndCo Hotdesk work