Become A Partner

AndCo turns lovely London cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants into busy co-working spaces. We’re looking for inspirational spaces across London to join our platform.

Do you have a venue or would you like to introduce us to one?
Email [email protected] and introduce us. We pay a finders fee for every successful referral.

How it works

Turn tables in your venue into “desks” which our members can book and use for work. They can be in the main spaces alongside normal customers, or if you have a function room that lies empty except for evenings or special events, turn it into an AndCo-only space.

Simply decide how many desks you want to allocate to AndCo, then manage everything through our online system. It runs through any browser on desktop, mobile or tablet. There’s no installation or complicated onboarding, just login and view your upcoming bookings.

When you’ve got a booking, all you need to do is ensure the allocated desk is ready for our member to use. We’ve made the process intuitive and straightforward so it takes up as little of your staff’s time as possible. It’s no different from welcoming a normal customer. You can also set arrival instructions, so members can seat themselves to make the process even smoother.

Increase footfall, maximise your space

What’s in it for you? In short – to increase footfall at quiet times of the week. Our members are at your venue to work, but they need the same as the rest of us to get us through the day – coffee, lunch, and perhaps a drink in the evening.

Our members are young professionals from the industries in which you typically find freelancers/remote working – technology, creative, media, startups. They’re looking for a great experience from a workspace that inspires them to do better work.

In short, we bring you a new supply of discerning customers looking for a great place to work in, enjoy and recommend to their network.

We market your venue for you!

We’ll promote your venue online without it costing you a penny. We’re running marketing campaigns across various platforms promoting our partner venues as co-working spaces.

You’ll benefit from a sophisticated marketing campaign without having to plan, manage or fund it yourself. Our product is our venues, we’re putting money and resources into getting them noticed.

Fast, secure wifi. Paid for by us.

Our goal is to create an amazing working experience, so we’re installing dedicated high speed wifi in our partner venues. Our accredited engineers will install AndCo wifi, at no cost to you, which you can then shout about to your customers. Anyone can try it for a month, then they’ll need to become a member to continue using it after that. Our wifi is fast, reliable and, unlike most public wifi, highly secure.

The installation is simple, quick and take little more than a box and a wire. Installation and running costs are paid by us.

Get in touch

We are always on the lookout for interesting venues to join the AndCo family. We especially love venues with character, atmosphere and aesthetic charm!

Contact us at [email protected]