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A desk where and when you need it.

Book a desk, walk in and get things done. At £20/month, with no sign up or booking fees, AndCo fits with how you want to work.

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AndCo desk search available on iPhoneAndCo desk search available on iPhone

Beautiful spaces.
Ready for a day’s work.

We hand pick London’s best restaurants, cafes and event spaces – that have room to spare during the working week. They set this aside as workspace for our members’ exclusive use.

With lightning-fast Wi-Fi and your own desk guaranteed, AndCo spaces are a great place to do your best work.

How AndCo Hotdesk work

How does it work?

Find a space you like. Book your desk in seconds.

You’ll have a desk reserved for you in the work area, and access to the wifi for the duration of your visit. No competition for spots, no pressure from waiters.

Unlimited bookings for £20/month.
One membership, for all our spaces.

For members only

You read that right. Just £20/month to use all of our spaces, as much as you want.

Try it free for a month with no sign up or cancellation fee.

How AndCo Hotdesk work

Search and book wherever you are.

Booking the perfect space is a breeze. Whether on mobile, tablet or laptop, easily browse by location, date and vibe.

AndCo available on iPhone and browser apps

The power of community

Connect with other professionals and belong to a community on the AndCo member network, our internal social platform.

Opening hours

Our spaces are open during weekday daytime working hours. You can see exact opening times when you book, and any one-off closures will be marked unavailable on the site.

Fast & secure Wi-Fi

We install our own wifi networks in our spaces. It’s lightning-fast and fully secure. You use your normal account login details to access the wifi, so no tricky passwords.

Work hard, play hard

Winding down is just as important as working. Enjoy great food, drink and atmosphere when the work day is over.

New spaces

We’re constantly adding new spaces, and are on track to have hundreds across the capital soon.

Member etiquette

We ask our members to respect each other by keeping noise to a minimum, and following our community guidelines.