Is Facebooks algorithm forcing you to pay to get your posts seen?

A while back now Facebook made some crafty changes to the way posts are displayed in news feeds. They look at how many interactions that post gets and show it accordingly (the more likes and comments, more people see the post)  This is forcing businesses to spend a fortune just to get their content infant of their audience.  In my opinion, the best thing to do is to ask friends and family to like / comment random posts made by your business page. This makes Facebooks algorithm think its a high value post, they will then show it to more page fans.  Now heres for the worst bit. Did you pay for followers? If so, you will find it extremely hard for your true fans to see your posts. When you buy followers, it looks great as it seems you're really popular and people love your company. But what you really have is 1000s of bots that won't interact with your posts, thus killing your content ratings meaning less and less people see your posts.  While a high follower count may look really cool, it could be damaging your web presence. Remember to never buy bots, or encourage anyone to like the page that isn't genuinely interested in it.